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New Lighted Collection

Sunso launches a new and modern line of indoor and outdoor furniture, in addition to its innovative design, this furniture incorporates technology inside that, and allows light terraces, gardens or any space that you want to give a diferent and modern style.

Although it might seem that this type of furniture is more designed for businesses such as hotels, restaurants, clubs, cafes…, but we are surprised by the acceptance of our private customers, which have incorporated this furniture in her gardens and terraces of villas and apartments.

The new collection of furniture, are made of polyethylene or fiberglass depending on the model, and incorporate a wireless LED lighting system, which allows you to create different environments, changing the color of the lights as preferred, or even creating color frequencies that change while enjoying the evening.

A different way to receive friends, to enjoy the spaces of our house or surprising and welcome to our customers in our business.

You can see the entire collection by clicking HERE – SUNSO Lighting Collection.

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