The multicolor cube is a welcome addition to our range. The beautifully designed LED cube is, like our lampions, equipped with a bluetooth speaker and gives a beautiful light in multiple colors; to the beat of the music, in a quiet fade mode or a color of your choice. The.Cube is strong enough to sit on and lends itself well as a presentation cube. This gives every party, meeting or fair much more color. Download our own app, so you can connect all your products with each other.

Multicolor LED Cube & Bluetooth Speaker

Because The.Cube, like The.Lampion Color, is equipped with the SYNC function, you easily connect several cubes together. In this way, atmospheric illuminated seats can be created in various angles. In addition, Nikki provides a very user-friendly app with which you can easily operate the products. The range is over 25 meters so that the music can also be heard anywhere. If you really want something striking, you can easily build a wall of cubes or illuminate the path as an entrance. This will certainly not go unnoticed and definitely contributes to a beautiful styling of your party or company presentation.

Also a link with The.Lampion Color is made very simple. Imagine what that will look like in the evenings! Music and light in every desired angle, drinks cooled and a seat where needed.

The.Cube is very easy to operate with the included remote control. The leather handle, also known from the lanterns, is attached to one of the sides and makes the cube easy to move. A charger is included, but of course the cube can also be used wirelessly.

Top quality Brazilian leather
Material: Polyethylene, leather
Size: 41 X 41 X 42 cm
Weight: NW/GW 4.8/5.8 kg
Battery: 8800 mAh
Bluetooth: 4.0 TI, 15m
Speaker: 4Ω, 10W
Adaptor: DC 4.2V, 1A
LED light: 20pcs, 3.5W, multicolor
Input AC: 110-240V
Output: 5.0V/2A
Working time: Up to 8 hours
Charging time: 4 hours
Remote: No
Nikki app: Yes
SYNC-Function: Yes